Fronius Service Partner

We Madhuri Solar are proud Fronius Service Partners with ideology to provide Service round the clock to cater the healthy relations with the clients and wining their trust over the time.

Fronius was established in year 1945 in Austria by Gunter Fronius with production welding transformers and battery chargers, with time it has achieved excellence in various technology of which Solar has been its most innovative creations .Fronius has till date installed 6 Gw of Solar inverters around the Globe.

Fronius has various range of Solar Inverters for specific applications depending on the requirement specially for Rooftop Pv segment

  • Three phase transformer-less inverters: 3kW to 27kw
  • Central inverters: 75kW, 100kW, 360kw, 460kw.
  • Diesel – PV hybrid solutions.
  • Micro-grid solutions.
  • Energy Package (PV-Battery-Grid Hybrid)
Types of Grid Connected Inverters


SnapIn Technology – (Installation in 10 Min) Smart Grid Ready
Fronius has introduced most innovative technology in mounting of the inverters,which not only saves time but also does make it easy to service without disconnection of wires.The unique Snap In technology has made this inverters more flexible and agile for installations. Fronius inverters has provisions to update itself as per the advancement in the Grid , Future grid will be based on communication having control mechanism for Solar Power generation may it be Active or Reactive power.
    Data Manager and Remote Monitoring Dynamic Peak Manager
    Fronius are the first inverter manufacturers who provide inbuilt data communication with integrated data logging with WLAN,Ethernet ,Web server where PV plant generation can be monitored remotely on mobiles,Laptops.Its also does allow integration of third party communication devices over MODBUS RTU/TCP interfaces. Fronius inverters has provisions to achieve maximum power point at any instant , the smart algorithm scans the entire curve at shortest interval ,with considering effect of partial shading as well to give maximum power output at any point.