Solar Pumping Systems

  • AC
  • DC
  • Pump controller

Pump Range

  • AC pump range : 0.5 HP to 10 HP
  • DC pump range : 0.5 HP to 5 HP
  • AC & DC & Dual Pump

AC Pump Vs DC Pump…Customer Choice

Sr. No. Parameter AC Pump DC Pump
1 Pump Availability Available Anywhere (in all regions of country) Rarely Available
2 Service Easy & Available Anywhere Difficult & Not Available Anywhere
3 Technology Proven & Reliable Not So Proven & In Use
4 Maintenance Cost Low High, Need Regular Maintenance Since Has Carbon Brushes
5 Product Range Wide Range From (0.5 To 250Hp) Low HP Range (0.5 To 5Hp)
6 Working 1) Works On Solar As Well As A/C Power 1) Works Purely On DC Power
2) Can Be Operated During Night Hrs On A/C Power 2) Not Possible To Run During Night Time
7 Max Life Life Long 5 Yrs


Usually one can either fix a power pump or a hand pump in one bore well, not both. However with special water chamber for existing hand pump, allows two units, a hand pump and a solar energy based 1 HP submersible pump to install in the same bore well called as Dual Pump System. Hand pump is installed as standby to allow drawing water in night time when water tank is empty and for passersby to quench their thirst.

DualPump = + Existing Hand pump
Solar Energy based Submersible Pump

The Scheme of Dual solar water pump for village drinking water


  • This controller takes solar power as a input and the power is converted into Varying DC power by solar PV modules depending on changing sun intensities During the day time. Using advance technology ,the varying DC power is converted into A.C power That drives an AC motors or pump set directly.
  • The equipment is micro controller based and operated with software for digital control of all parameters, fault finding diagnostics.
  • Inbuilt Controller with the function MPPT ( Maximum Power Point Tracking)