Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater includes PUF and Rock wool insulated systems suitable for all types of applications, such a heat exchanger type (for hard water / special applications),Pressurized type (for hydro pneumatic pressurised applications),thermosyphon(natural circulation),fixed & differential Temperature Controlled (FTC & DTC)systems, in the capacity range of up to 100000 LPD (Liters Per Day)in 100,125,150 LPD and their multiples.

System designed to deliver hot water 24 hours a day, without using electricity. This system is based on reliable, new and more efficient Evacuated Glass Tube (patented) technology by virtue of which the temperature of water can be raised up to 95°C (environmental & usage dependent). This has a clear advantage over conventional Flat Plate Collectors technology. Minim al installation is required for the system. The systems have provision for heater, which can be used in case of consecutive non sunny day. Use of a 110 LPD system saves up to 1500 units of electricity in a year. The system reimburses its cost in 2-3 years, subsequently offers a bonus to the customer by saving in electricity and gas bills for the rest of its service life (expected 15 years)

Consol super conducting vacuum tube is of very low thermal capacity, and extra ordinarily prompt thermal conductivity (1000 times of that of copper), so it's a very efficient heat transfer vacuum tube. And It's of the function of unilateral diode, for example: the transfer of heat power is a direct process - heat is transferred from vacuum tube to the water, but heat could not be reverted back to vacuum tube. The highest working temperature of the system could be controlled to ensure the stability of the system, because of the physical effect of working medium and special configuration of condenser.

Consol vacuum tube is of prominent ability to absorb the solar power. It's high degree of vacuum could decrease the heat waste, its selective coating could transfer both the direct radiant energy and diffuse radiant energy of sunlight to the super conducting vacuum tube. The vac uum tube is responsible for absorbing the solar power efficiently and insulating the thermal energy and it could stop the thermal waste in bad weather conditions, the heat pipe is responsible for transferring the solar power to thermal power.

The optimization combination of these two parts could exceed any other solar collector greatly even in unusual conditions. That's the magic of Consol Vacuum tube+ Consol heat Pipe.

The coated layer on the vacuum tubes absorbs the radiation of sunlight. This layer then transfers the radiation to heat the water. The reflecting sheet facilitates this process. By this process water is heated up in the tube, while the water in the tank is cold. Hot water being lighter rises up to the tank and cold water from the tank comes down to the vacuum tube to start a circulation by thermo-siphon. Gradually all water in the tank becomes hot and ready for use. The tank shown is adequately insulated using Polyurethane insulation, which prevents the water from losing its heat content not in excess of 5% during night -time. Also available in other capacities on order.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Tube : (47- 1500- 15)
Degree of Vacuum : ≥5×10³pa Coating : AI-N-AI
Absorption coefficient : ≥0.93 Emissivity : < 0.08
Starting temperature : ≤25°C Max. Temperature : >250°C
Freezing resistance : -18°C Service Life : >15years
Wind resistance : 30m/s(grade 11) Hail proof : 25mm
Glass material : concentrated borosilicate glass 3.3 Absorber plate : Copper profile
Size of single tube (mm) 47×1550 Heating-up coefficient : >95%
Different Models : (from 100 LPD to manifolds as per customer requirement)
Model Vacuum Tube Size Total Volume (L) Hot Water Yield (Kg/H) Water Temperature(C) Bathing Number (Person)
Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Number (tube)
Madhuri-100 LPD 47 1500 15 100 60-200 45-95 2-6
Madhuri -200 LPD 47 1500 15 200 140-440 45-95 5-14
Madhuri -300 LPD 58 1800 30 300 260-580 45-95 6-18

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  • Homes
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  • Guest house
  • Hostels
  • Commercial Establishments
  • Industries
  • Hospitals
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  • Hotels

ETC solar water heater.

Evacuated Tube Collector (ETC) Solar Water Heating System
  • Available in 100LPD, 200LPD, & 500LPD.
  • Selectively coated Borosilicate vacuum tubes.
  • Heating from infrared rays of solar radiation.
  • Better performance in winter and on cloudy days.
  • Minimum heat loss from the system due to Evacuated Tubes.
  • Less maintenance, easy to clean and lesser space required.
  • Low cost, long life.
  • Scale deposits slides off the smooth glass to accumulate at the bottom, from where they can be easily removed without the use of acid.
  • In case of damage to the collector tube, individual tube can be replaced.

FPC - solar water heater

Flat Plate Collector (FPC) Solar Water Heating System TECHNO-COMMERCIAL BENEFITS
  • Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • Reduction in Electricity bill
  • Reliable & long lasting
  • Attractive Payback of 3-4 years
  • Easy soft loan through selected Banks
  • No fuel Required
  • Natural, Green & Clean Energy
  • Available in any Capacity
  • Long life