Solar water purifier

Decentralized water purification with Sunganga systems

Integral solutions for water purification

With Sunganga|SYSTEM we offer solutions for the decentralized drinking water treatment. Within a matter of minutes our systems are ready to pump, treat and safely disinfect microbial contaminated fresh water.

How it works

The functional principle of Sunganga|COMPLETE, our stand-alone-solution for decentralized drinking water treatment, is described in the following

  • Freshwater is lifted with a submersible pump from depths of up to 70 m.
  • After the filtration process, chlorine is produced electrolyticall from salts thatoccur naturally in the water.
  • In the reservoir the disinfected water is safely stored. From here it can be tapped or distributed via a central piping network.
  • The water quality is continuously monitored.
  • Depending on the water quality the control unit adapts the disinfection process.
  • Due to the included solar photovoltaic modules Sunganga|COMPLETE works energetically self-sufficient and is independent of any infrastructure. Batteries are not required.
  • All operational parameters are sent online for remote control